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Darker Days, Brighter Nights

It's almost time to turn the clocks back which means less day light. Sigh. This year I've decided to combat the dark with an array of candles to make the long nights brighter. Candles completely change the mood and make everything seem homier, warmer.

I've been a candle hold out because I find fire to be terrifying. But, when used responsibly with a healthy dose of fear, candles can be OK. I've created a mini candle hearth with a miss match of votives and holders from thrift stores, antique stores, Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie. One essential is a candle snuffer or you'll be huffing and puffing when it comes time to put the candles out!

These candles are in front of our fireplace for now, it's been so warm we haven't had a fire yet. I've actually been on the hunt to find a sturdy, fabulous tray, or trays, to keep the candles on for easy mobility.

This is one of my favorite set ups, it's a votive from Crate and Barrel on an antique plate from my mom, both are gold hued and are perfect for the fall. Around the hearth I have several other of these votives, I like to cluster things to make them look richer. The upcoming winter nights already seem brighter!

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