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DIY Book Covers

I love books and book cover design but sometimes when you put everything on a shelf, it just looks messy. I like to keep my books organized by subject and I just can't bring myself to organize by color. What to do? Book covers!

What you'll need: book, paper, tape, scissors, labels; optional: stamps and ink (or a printer to print the labels), paper cutter:

If it's been awhile since you've made a book cover, consult these instructions here. For this book I chose a neutral paper, it's like an old time paper bag cover!

When you cut the paper you should leave a bit more room for the fold over; these sheets were precut so I was cutting it close to say the least.

All of the books that have special covers have uniform labels, trimmed closely to show as much cover as possible.

Check out the bookshelves here!

1 comment:

Molly, Sweet Potato Designs said...

I love this... it would even make gifting a book a little extra special. Thanks for sharing!