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Get With the Program

One of my favorite componants of Sarah's wedding was the program. It was quite the project because I hand made every single one. The inspiration came from a Martha Stewart DIY program but of course I had to make it my own! I had a lot of paper, a lot of glue, a lot of jumbo craft sticks and ribbon galore of course. I wanted to make sure that in addition to being a pretty program it was useful too!

My workspace, two kinds of scissors, one for paper one for ribbon, I'm sure there's some Krazy glue, sticks and piles of ribbon on that counter. I think this was a late night project because once I got going...watch out!

Assembly line:

All done:

Ribbon, ribbon everywhere! When I first started this Sarah wanted blue and red ribbon but as I started going through all of my ribbon I had so many beautiful colors that fit into Sarah's color palette. I figured go big! It's a party!

Everything packaged up to send to the bride:

At the church:

Sarah keeping cool:

And they lived happily ever after!

Photographs from the day of the event by & unlimited.


Sarah said...

Yay! I love a storybook ending.

Sarah Hearts Design said...

Fairy tales! Complete with divine decorations... :) I cannot wait to share what I'm doing for my holiday decorating. Snowflakes...