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Mad for Hats by Arturo Rios

I think I may need to rename my fashion Friday posts Hats Off Friday or something because again, today, I'm obsessed with hats. Thanks Kate!

Actually, thanks Will too because I'm on the hunt for a new hat for him and, wow, I've just spent 30 minutes looking at things for me. I'm shopping for a special occasion and we always wear hats or sometime in my case feather headpieces! All of these are by Arturo Rios. I am in love with this first one...LOVE:

And to carry all these things I'll of course need hat boxes. For more amazing hat pictures check out this awesome blog on royal hats, Mad Hattery. It's divine! I tip my brim to you for a wonderful weekend!


eaflagg said...

Be still, my heart! Thanks for that Vogue article you sent me. I recently wore my black bejeweled and befeathered hat to a "Mad Men" party -- with elbow length black gloves, of course. Not necessarily on period, but it's what I had and I LOVED it. :)

Sarah Hearts Design said...

That sounds AMAZING! I found a very cool hat yesterday that is white with these llooonnngggg feathers...I may need to get that! Then put the picture up too...