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Setting the Scene

Preparations are well underway for the big (non) Turkey Day. We're having a Legal Seafood Thanksgiving...mmm. Last night I cooked and pureed the pumpkin, today it's pumpkin ice cream and rum ball making along with getting all the goods together. Check out my table inspirations, harvest colors with a twist on traditional.

I'm obsessed with yellow glass lately. I just found a set of small tumbler glasses...look how crazy it looks! I'm very much into texture and pattern.

And here's my favorite new little thing, a salt shaker! I love bears and just found this for .99 cents at a thrift store. Yeah! The other day I actually said I wish I could find another interesting salt shaker, I had a turkey in mind but when I saw this bear I just knew he'd be a perfect fit. And we have had bears on our back porch. Off to ice cream making...

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