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Tear Away RSVP and More Fun Paper

The vision for the invitation was to create a design that was only one piece of paper, Sarah wanted the RSVPs to tear away to be mailed back as a postcard. We looked around to see if anything like that was available, there was one option I found and the quality was not good enough so, I made my own! I started with sheets of tabloid sized paper and worked to create an accordion fold invitation with information on front and back; the last section being the RSVP. That little line is the perforation, I love a tear away:

And here is is being torn off, perfection!

Another to do while constructing the invites was to hand cut, sometimes I exacto-knifed it, the envelope liners and "cuff", the little paper strips that held the invite together. It was the sweetest little package!

Tomorrow it all comes together! You're invited...


Sarah said...

It is like receiving the invitation in my mailbox all over again.

Sarah Hearts Design said...

It's so fun going back through everything!!!