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Thanksgiving Beer Taste Off

Mmmm, my favorite holiday of the year. I just love Thanksgiving, nobody does it like my Aunt and it's always been my fave. I love the entertaining, kicking off the holiday season, over indulgences galore. Everything in moderation, including moderation people! This weekend I figured out my menu, it's tasty, and did all the shopping. A little research had to be done on which beer would be best, the contenders:

This wasn't too scientific but I did keep notes, the goal being to find my favorite pumpkin beer. First up, Punk'n Harvest Pumpkin Ale by Four + Brewing Company:

Putting my fine arts degree to good use. On taste: a bit hoppy with light pumpkin and spice notes. On packaging: like the modern take and especially like the name, so cute. I very much enjoyed this beer.

Second up:

America's Original Pumpkin Ale by Buffalo Bill's Brewery. On taste: goes down smooth, tastes "seasonal" as in it has a great mix of pumpkin spices. On design: I like the pumpkin illustration more than Punk'n, I'm feeling more traditional these days.

Third up:

Pumpkinhead Ale by Shipyard. On taste: it was a good beer but in terms of pumpkininess...mmm, there were spicy notes but it wasn't as seasonal as I would expect a pumpkin beer to be. On design: Awesome! There is nothing like that illustration and the crazy pumpkin head.

My taste winner: America's original. Out of the three it has the best mix of spices and pumpkin flavor without being overbearing. Mmmm, so good. My design winner: Pumpkinhead Ale, it's just so unique and interesting and seasonal. I can't wait to raise my glass this Thursday!

More and more I'm noticing, and keeping, caps of beer because we're going to expand our special walkway next year! There will be an all orange stone...

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