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Weekend Edition: Coming in From the Cold

It's finally happened, the cold has rolled into Colorado. I was really dragging my feet in terms of shutting down my most favorite room: the porch. Monday before the chill moved in I had to put away the planter boxes. Sigh, but then again we did have a fantastic fall and my outdoor garden lasted one month longer than last year. I've transplanted some things in hope they keep going!

I had to make some room for all of these plants but I like how lush and green the house looks. The little arrangement on top of Will's dresser before the plants moved in were just the wood pieces, they are really cool shapes that he found. I made the hanging arrangement out of corkscrew willow, a very cool tree by the way.

I was able to make it all fit and look, I think, very interesting. Basically what I'm going for in the house is a "museum of curiosities" feel. But not creepy, just cool found objects that have some meaning to both of us.

All the green will keep me happy in the stark winter months.

Here is my other little display on an old, old dresser I've had forever. The story goes my mom saw someone taking it to the dump and she salvaged it off the back of a truck. At some point it had a marble top and different drawer pulls that were removed. The top is wood and the handles are pretty old, but neither are the original. When I got this, it was covered in a dark paint that was covering a mint green paint. Interesting choices to say the least. I worked and worked on stripping it and ended up with this weathered look.

My idea on decorating is that everywhere you look there should be something interesting. I don't mean just putting things around to have them, it's a delicate balance. I like soothing things inspired by nature. This dresser did have to house my ipod dock and yes, occasionally we bust out the harmonicas. I had to frame the peacock card, it was one of the coolest ever and commemorates the best birthday ever. The Thomas Paul plates were a gift, I bought the pot from Anthropologie, the antique plate was a gift, a found box for Will's nick-nacks, candle holders from Crate & Barrel and the mirror was also a free find!


Sarah said...

Very inspiring. Now I want to completely re-decorate our home.

Sarah Hearts Design said...

Will decide this week that he hhaaadddd to go through everything he had put away in boxes so there is some rearranging/decorating happening. Fun!