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The Wine Taste Off

More paper fun today! In addition to the invitations I crafted for Sarah and Chad, I designed and constructed wine bottle sleeves and wine taste-off score cards for an event Sarah and Chad put on for guest. I also made programs, welcome cards, table numbers and drink labels but today it's all about the wine taste off:

The event, New York wines (Sarah's home state) vs. Maine wines (Chad's state), was the day after the wedding and everyone was asked to bring their own bottle of wine. I designed these sleeves to put around the wine for the blind taste test keeping in mind the overall aesthetic Sarah wanted, including of course lots and lots of poppies!

The score cards took some tinkering, I wanted to come up with something that was easy enough to understand after several glasses of vino. For each bottle guests just had to write down the bottle number then rate the look, smell, flavor and overall taste on a scale of 1-10. Highest score wins!

Bottoms up!

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Sarah said...

Warning to readers: after sampling 21 bottles of wine, a calculator may be required in order to determine your #1 pick.