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Yestadt Millinery: Love!

One of my favorite accessories: hats. Any kind, all the time. I remember growing up I had some of my grandpa's caps I liked to wear even though they were too big, and there was that amazing Garfield cap too (why?!?). It hasn't been until more recently that I've completely embraced the all fabulousness that is le chapeau.

One of the great things about being a woman today is we really can do and wear whatever we want. And why not hats? Fashion to me is all about fantasy and fun. Enter: Yestadt Millinery.

I pretty much want (need) everything Molly Yestadt makes. I first heard about them after I purchased a hat at Anthropologie and upon further research...I'm gonna need a bigger budget! Who wouldn't love to step out in any of these?

For Will, my hubby and fellow hat lover? This is total old school Will:

All of these hats are from the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. Wait until you see the Spring and Bridal stuff on the site...truly perfection.

If you're shy about wearing a hat, nervous about the investment (yes, investment if go for quality and take care of it) start small with a fedora or cloche. Now that it's getting a little chillier out it's the perfect time to embrace this accessory. Once you put a great hat on you stand a little taller and walk a little prouder. Cheers to a lovely, fashionable, hat filled weekend!


Crazyisa said...

You need to take photos of YOU and the chapeau :)

Sarah said...

Too funny! I was just on the website yesterday, pining over every single one.