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DIY Weekend Edition: Light My Fire Contest!

Sometimes I become obsessed with an idea and get the urge to just make things. My obsession with lighter nights has been established and what goes with candles better than matches? I have a collection of matchbooks out on the table (in a vintage bowl of course) to compliment the candles and they're a fun reminder of past travels. I was in the $1 Store and spotted a package of tiny, cute matchbooks. I thought, I HAVE to do something with those...custom matchbook covers. Another DIY project! Materials:

First thing to do is measure and cut your pieces of paper. I left room for one side to be used to strike the match. I've seen some DIY matchbook covers where the entire box is covered...how do you light the match? It's got to be functional. Step two: I decided to stamp them all with some favorite pyromaniac lyrics:

Step three: glue it all together. I prefer spray glue because it's so quick and easy to use.

And tah-dah:

I made ten covers, ten different snippets of lyrics too:

Strike another match, go start anew
As the fire burns on and the smoke drifts
Let it burn, burn, burn, burn on a night like this
Tryin' to set the night on fire
Almost ablaze, still you don't feel the heat
Cause when we kiss, oh, fire
I fell into a burning ring of fire
Her eyes were on fire
Let me stand next to your fire
Light my fire

BONUS: the first person/people to post the title of a/the song(s) I used wins something! I was going to say guess but really it's probably Google...still. What are the songs?!?!? C'mon baby...


Dkestelman said...

I love your creativity, Sarah!

Sarah Gooodwin said...

I have an answer coming in from Daisy and Pearl.

"Cause when we kiss, oh, fire."

"Fire" by none other than the Pointer Sisters.

What a fun contest and project?! I could play all day.

Jess said...

here goes nothing...

it's all over now, baby blue by bob dylan

black diamond bay, also bob dylan

on a night like this, bob dylan... i'm sensing a pattern here...

light my fire by the doors

fire on the mountain by the grateful deal

fire by the pointer sisters

ring of fire by johnny cash

all i ever wanted by bodeans??

fire by jimi hendrix

light my fire by the doors

there we go, my life's greatest accomplishment!! total i actually knew: 3.

Sarah Hearts Design said...

Whoo hoo! You all get something!!!