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A Gift to Last After the Holidays

While walking through the grocery store I spotted the cutest little pine, Norfolk Island Pine to be exact, and I thought it would make a great addition to our table or as a host(ess) gift. I'm going to plant it in a larger pot eventually when I get my act together and get some soil and new pot but until then the cheesy foil wrap it came with just wouldn't do.

I actually pulled this together with things I had laying around (how Martha am I?): a clear vase, pine cones I picked off the ground last year and ribbon. I placed the tree in it's little pot, put the cones in, tied a bow and voila!

Other ideas I have, depending on the size of the vase, would be to put mini ball ornaments or palettes in for a little sparkle. All of the materials are available at craft stores like Michael's or JoAnns. Happy DIYing!


Sarah Goodwin said...

Very cute!

Sarah Hearts Design said...

I just put some tinsel on it...I couldn't resist!

Tess Mattern said...

love this, H! So brilliant!