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Guide to Fun

To cap off everyone's boxed invitations I included a guide to Boulder that I made myself. We don't live right in Boulder so I wanted to make getting to our house as easy as possible for the Friday night bash! (And Sunday too...) I also wanted to suggest some of my favorite things around the city. I turned to one of my favorite papers: vellum. I love texture so this was another way to add a rich, warm feeling to the invites. One side had the guide, compiled and written by me, and each location had a corresponding letter or number so that when you flipped to the other side you could easily find that location. In between the those two sheets was an iridescent green piece of paper and it was all held together by coordinating colored staples. Swoon!

Another late-night workspace: printing the guides and maps, cutting them (they are not letter sized), stamping, assembling and stapling:

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