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Little Boxes, Little Boxes

So glad you could all Save the Date for this! As a designer, making my own invitations was a bit intimidating. Planning a wedding is both exhilarating and exhausting especially in this day in age when there is so much information out there. So many decisions! I decided to go with my gut and make something that just felt right. I wanted people to get an invitation like they had never seen before. My starting point was peacock blue satin ribbon, green shimmer paper and some crosshatch patterned paper.

Will and I decided to have a small, intimate affair that afforded me the opportunity to go over the top with invitations. It's all about priorities in wedding planning and paper made the top three (along with the music and open bar...I'm of Irish decent and cocktails for guests were a must, and yes I did play some River Dance at the wedding too!).

I wanted each guest to feel how special they were to us and what better way to do that then send a package? I wanted everyone to have that little thrill you get when something unexpected arrives in the mail. Plus, a box could fit everything and anything guests needed to plan their trip. Everything was handmade and constructed by me, I wanted people to feel the love. Starting out I added a strip of silver shimmer paper, it's all about the layers:

Then green:

Then hand stamped everything, first up was S:

Then &:

Then W:

What could be inside?!?! A large part of the blog in the coming weeks, yes probably weeks, will be sharing my designs for this wedding and sprinkled in will be some other fun tidbits, coming Friday: fashion fate.


Sarah Goodwin said...

Absolutely stunning and so much fun!

edyta szyszlo said...

hi! love what you did! very curious to know where you purchased the crosshatch paper? only found the print-it-yourself kind...