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Map it!

Once people found their way to beautiful Boulder I wanted getting around the city to be a snap. Downtown Boulder does a fantastic job highlighting what's available and I was lucky enough to find this map to include for guests. Thankfully the colors were in tune with what I had in mind for the day. (Yes, I did consider Photoshopping the whole thing green and blue.) Of course I couldn't just fold the map up and put it in the box, I couldn't resist packaging them in a cute little paper sleeve.

I love a production line. Folding, folding:

Sleeves printed and trimmed ready to be wrapped and glued:

Piles of maps so fun!

1 comment:

Molly, Sweet Potato Designs said...

I LOVE PROJECTS LIKE THIS! Making a little assembly line and then having all of your final products all neatly packaged is so satisfying! :) Everything is looking great!