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Time to Open!

I thought a box would be the perfect way to package all the precious things I planned to make! First up in the box o' delights was the actual invitation. I used a silver shimmer paper, green shimmer paper, a high quality textured white paper then stamped all with the S & W that we used on the outside of the box. Phew!

The design was all about proportion and placement and I liked the idea of creating something that felt classic (woodblock stamps) and modern at the same time (Futura sans-serif font). I have to say I do loooovvvve an assembly line and there were a lot for this...first I had to get the layout design just right on the computer, test print, print them all, stamp them all, glue the top to the green backing and then the white backing...tah dah!

My workspace, working on the layout with my cutouts...sometimes I just prefer having the paper cut up to rearrange rather than use the computer but I still need my baby Mac:

Stacks and stacks of things to assemble:

It's all about the texture, you just can't get this feeling from printing on modern printers:

Packaged up all pretty:

The invite:

1 comment:

Sarah Goodwin said...

So pretty! Your wedding invitation was so unique and truly one of kind.