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Tree Trimmin' in the Mountains

Late blog today because I spent the morning photographing a tree trimming job and going on a pretty amazing hike.

After a few shots I went exploring to see what I may find. There were two wild deer to keep me company:


Interesting grasses:

Creepy trees:

Holly? Mistletoe?

Beautiful morning over the Rockies, Meaker and Longs Peaks covered in clouds:

After awhile I couldn't hear the chainsaws anymore so I headed back:


Sarah Goodwin said...

What a fun adventure and beautiful photos?! Is that this year's Christmas tree? :)

Sarah Hearts Design said...

Hahaha, you'd need a HUGE house to fit that baby in. I did put up my mini tree I've had since I was little. It's looking a little...meh. I need to add some tinsel and sparkle because last year I put a mini tree up in CA and it was/is amazing: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahheartsdesign/4360272612/in/set-72157625052797113/