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Packaging is Everything

A cool way to dress up any letter is to seal it with a piece of novelty tape. It gives the paper an extra wow!

Cinnamon Buns!

Working on perfecting a cinnamon bun recipe. This was the first try...they were yummy! Very yummy. But, I know I can do better...

New Year = New Organization Solutions

Space is limited and I always love things to look neat so making room for everything can be a challenge. I recently found these wicker picnic baskets at a thrift store and thought they'd be the perfect way to store things under my antique drop-leaf table. Now everything looks neat and is protected from dust.

My Kitschy Kurt Wirth Plate

Check out my kooky plate, originally designed for Swiss Air by Kurt Wirth. Just found it in a thrift store and thought it would fit into my crazy plate collection.