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Going to the Birds

It's no secret I'm a bird lover and this year I've been so lucky! There are at least two Swainson's Hawks nesting near our house and these past few days pretty much any time I'm outside it isn't long before I spot one. They love the tall willow and cottonwood trees, along with telephone polls and the open grassland. On Saturday I was commenting how cool it would be to see one catch something (like one of the 8 rabbits in our yard) and on Sunday...it was nature in 3D. It wasn't a rabbit, probably a vole but awesome! Trying to photograph birds is fun. You've got to be quick and ready but patient and able to sit for quite awhile.

Wagon's Got Me Whistlin'

Can you blame me? This wagon is AWESOME! This little lady is gonna' be put to work year round. Firewood in winter and gardening in summer. It's all terrain and makes appearances on our deck to shuttle dinner and drinks from the kitchen to the porch table. Check out dem wheels:

It's already been put to good use helping to shuttle heavy stone for our most recently completed project: We created a mini walkway that connects our elevated deck to the ground and that flooooowed from the back garden (work in progress, photos later this summer). Plus when we have a bonfire the heat warms the stones and you can stand barefoot on them. SO nice. These palomino gold stones are perfection, especially at sunset when they shimmer and sparkle.

My goal is to create an outdoor living space that is Alice in Wonderland/xeriscape/zen garden. It's going to be amazing. To finish it out we placed this heart shaped stone...aaaahhhh....designed and built with love. xoxo!