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Going to the Birds

It's no secret I'm a bird lover and this year I've been so lucky! There are at least two Swainson's Hawks nesting near our house and these past few days pretty much any time I'm outside it isn't long before I spot one. They love the tall willow and cottonwood trees, along with telephone polls and the open grassland. On Saturday I was commenting how cool it would be to see one catch something (like one of the 8 rabbits in our yard) and on Sunday...it was nature in 3D. It wasn't a rabbit, probably a vole but awesome! Trying to photograph birds is fun. You've got to be quick and ready but patient and able to sit for quite awhile.


Sabrina said...

So lucky!!! Beautiful shots!! Birds of prey are definitely some of my favorites to spot. :)

uhooi said...

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David Daly said...

What great pictures! They're great, and how lucky to have that beautiful bird flying around.