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The Words of Rand Brought to you by Heller

A prerequisite for any of you attending design school at Boston University is an unflicnching devotion (obsession?) to Paul Rand. With that I thank Steven Heller for posting "Paul Rand: A Designer's Words."

"On April 3, 1998 the School of Visual Arts held a Paul Rand Symposium in New York City. To commemorate the event Nathan Garland, Georgette Ballance and I edited a keepsake titled “Paul Rand: A Designer’s Words,” a collection of many Rand quotes from various sources. It was printed by Rand’s favorite printer, Mossberg & Co., typeset by his favorite typesetters, PDR (A Division of AGT), and produced with his favorite paper, Mohawk Superfine. Nathan Garland’s design was true to Rand’s typographic aesthetic." - From Steven Heller's sight.

I just love the idea of someone's career being celebrated and appreciated and having all the little details included: favorite printer, typesetter, paper...wow! The first quote in the collection jumps out at me:

"I had the courage or audacity or stupidity to take a chance. I didn't know what the hell would happen." -Paul Rand

I need any combination of those three at the moment...