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Summer is NOT Over

Apparently, fall began at 5:05 A.M. (EDT). Well, NOT HERE my friends. While sitting around a campfire several weeks ago, or should a say glamp fire (g for glamorous), I had a fond memory from a number of years ago when I met the man, the myth, the legend: Robert August. Swoon, can't lie.

For you surfers out there or anyone who visited Verndale, you know what I'm talking about. Hot pink and orange...mmmmhhhhmmmmmm. My signed version of this gem is packaged and ready to live full time in sunny Southern California.

Without my reminder of the possibility of an Endless Summer hanging on my wall or an ocean in site, for the next 365 days we will all be living the summer lifestyle on my BRAND NEW tumblr. site!

Follow me, ask me questions, comment, let's bask in the summer sun year round! Every day there will be new summer fun to inspire you. Seriously, EVERY day.

I will be blogging when the mood strikes me; I still have several projects to share and add to my portfolio but with all this summer sun- well, I've been distracted from the internet to say the least. Summer lovin' happened so fast....summer lovin' had me a blast...dream on my friends!

My Newest Project

I found this delightful old light fixture at a fabulous antique store and I have grand designs for it! The only issue is finding the kind of solar lights I need to make this shine...