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Fenway Park Tour: Final at Bat

Here's my last shot of Fenway Park. It was a fun afternoon, quite entertaining. I'm looking forward to the 2013 season. Go Yankees. Yes, you read that right. You can be a fan of another team and still appreciate the history in this park!

Fenway Park Tour : Fifth at Bat

The Coca-Cola Sign at Fenway Park in Boston. On the tour we saw a replica of an old Coca Cola advertisement from...1920 maybe? It was on the top level behind where this sign is now. Neat!

Fenway Park Tour: Fourth at Bat

The green seats at Fenway on a wet, chilly day. I've had to wear a winter parka to a game here before!  

Fenway Park Tour: Third at Bat

A shot of the red seats at Fenway. The scale of everything at the park is very interesting to take in when the stands are empty.

Fenway Park Tour: Second at Bat

A Babe Ruth ball at Fenway Park while on our tour. So neat! Looks like it's got some history, wish that it could talk!

Fenway Park Tour: First at Bat

After taking a tour of Coors Field, I decided on my recent trip to Beantown that I should see the historic Fenway Park. It's something I never did while I lived there so the fam came out, we bundled up and saw history under a rainy Boston day. The tour was fantastic, I learned a lot and the guides are really funny. Whether you're a baseball, history or architecture fan this is highly recommended! Through next week I'll have a Fenway photo of the day every day. Above, the ticket booth. Below, an original ticket booth, Gate C, the underbelly, blue and red wood seats, Pesky Pole, on the Green Monsta, looking up from Monsta seats, a Monsta seat (baseball!), Monsta sign, brick and Fenway green, from the press box, Ted William's longest home run seat, classic sign.

12.12.12 The Day I Start Using My Seven Year Pen

I was recently at The Paper Source when I found this fabulous pen that claims to last seven years (Or 1.7 meters a day for seven years). Giddyup, here I go to give it a try because I love to write and I love pens, especially this very cute one that will remind me of my last trip to Boston. Seltzer Goods has a great selection of this Swiss-made pen in a variety of designs here. Nobody better try and steal this, a serious experiment is a-foot.

Just Published: Swainson's Hawk Photography Book

I am very excited because I just published my book of Swainson's Hawk photography, preview it here and then buy! There are over sixty stunning photographs. The book is a large format, 13x11 inches with high-end ProLine paper by Mohawk Fine Papers. This is the perfect gift for the lover of birds, photography and/or coffee table books! Just in time for the holidays.


Check out the package I just sent out, I love wrapping things!

Found: Peter Max Design for Continental Airlines

To say I'm thrilled about finding this vintage Peter Max work is an understatement. I Lllluuuuuuuuvvvvvv Peter Max. I would love to take a trip where this Golden FanJet flight was going. Yes, I'd like to make reservations for the Kabuki Room please. I'll also take a Proud Bird Cocktail. Alooooooha!

Found: IBM Notebook

Calling all IBMers, Paul Rand lovers and those who just plain like paper. Look what I stumbled across! I love a good notebook and I'm saving this one for something special. An Eye for perception, insight, vision; a Bee for industriousness, dedication, perseverance, an M for motivation, merit, moral strength.

Found: The Perfect Ice Tray

I've been reading up lately on the perfect cocktail and what it takes. Ice has a lot to do with it. Happy was I the day I found this vintage Frigidaire ice tray! Why have these gone out of style? The ice cubes are huge and very dense which means they last longer and don't water down your drink as fast. Perfect addition to my retro barware. Huzzah!

A Tour of Coors Stadium

Will and I were lucky enough to get a tour of Coors Stadium last Friday at the same time Walt Weiss was announced as the new Rockies manager. What timing! Other highlights included a tour of the owners suite-yes please, the Roots announcer booth-great view, the visitor's locker room and an interview* with Susie Wargin. It was a pretty rockin' time to visit Coors Stadium even though there was hardly anyone actually in the stadium. It was very cool seeing the seats empty, quite a contrast to every other time I've been there. It's awesome having a baseball team just a bus ride away and the only frustrating thing now is waiting for next season to start.

*Will did not actually interview Susie Wargin.