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Ice Cream Man!

At 11:30am the ice cream man cruised through our neighborhood and as soon as I heard him approach I yelled "ICE CREAM MAN!!!" Any time is a good time for ice cream. I grabbed some cash, hopped on my bike and peddled just as fast as I could but to no avail; one of my favorite people ever did not hear the calls for my sweet summer treat. I left my bike at the ready all day hoping he'd cruise by again but, so sad, I went without ice cream today.

Comma Workshop Pop up Party

Yesterday I got to help Kerry from Comma Workshop set up her pop-up store at Factory Made in Boulder. Kerry makes beautifully crafted modern quilts that are so unique everyone should have one for their home! It was exciting to help, can't wait for the soiree this evening. The space at Factory Made is very cool along with all the folks who work there.