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I've been thrilled this summer to have weekly game time. My hubby has never been into playing games (Sagittarius) so it's been a five-year project to finally make him see how enjoyable game time can be.

This is something I did growing up all the time; Scrabble on winter Saturdays followed by Lawrence Welk (I still watch occasionally for the totally amazing and over-the-top costumes), and every summer at our cafe table that was reclaimed from the Finger Lakes Mall. It's traveled over 2,000 miles but I can still sit at it and play so when I found this backgammon set at a garage sale I could not stop smiling. My dad and brother Andy taught me backgammon so when I found this classic set it instantly reminded me of the one Andy had that we used all the time. This has brought hours more enjoyment to us this year. Have a game night, it's fun!

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