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Fenway Park Tour: First at Bat

After taking a tour of Coors Field, I decided on my recent trip to Beantown that I should see the historic Fenway Park. It's something I never did while I lived there so the fam came out, we bundled up and saw history under a rainy Boston day. The tour was fantastic, I learned a lot and the guides are really funny. Whether you're a baseball, history or architecture fan this is highly recommended! Through next week I'll have a Fenway photo of the day every day. Above, the ticket booth. Below, an original ticket booth, Gate C, the underbelly, blue and red wood seats, Pesky Pole, on the Green Monsta, looking up from Monsta seats, a Monsta seat (baseball!), Monsta sign, brick and Fenway green, from the press box, Ted William's longest home run seat, classic sign.

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