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In Memoriam The Gold Mine Beer Cave

Some shots of one of the most unique places I've been. Up Sunshine Canyon way, the old gold mine beer cave. Thanks for the summer memories. At least the flood didn't take those away. Long live the beer cave!

Colorado State Train Museum

On a recent weekend I took a field trip to the Colorado State Railroad Museum in Golden (near the Coors plant). There were many interesting things to see including a variety of trains. One of my favorites was the mail sorting car. It was built by Standard Steel car and used from 1922 to 1967. A model of organization! There was also a display from the Denver HO club that included all sorts of randomness- kangaroos and deviled eggs. Another favorite was the antique map that includes my neighborhood- Marshall Station and the Gorham Post Office. It's quite the interesting history here, the road in front of my house was the railway for some time. There was a great selection of train literature and for any transportation buff, a must see!

1934 Coors Golden Beer Mugs

Lucky me! 2013 is off to an amazing start as I was surprised to receive a gift in the mail from California that contained Coors mugs from the 1934 Colorado State Fair! They are almost too nice to use, a place of honor must be made.

Georgetown Loop Railroad

While my sis and bro-in-law were in town we headed up to Georgetown, Colorado to ride the narrow gauge train. It was very charming and the creepy gingerbread person made for lots of laughs.

Another Tour of Coors Field

Will and I had so much fun on our first Coors Field tour we decided to take my sis and bro-in-law. Our second tour was unintentionally hilarious, confusing at times and well worth the visit. It was pretty neat to see the stadium under a blanket of snow. The last time I went to a game it was 98!

Becoming van Gogh

I was lucky enough to see the van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Museum of Art not once, but twice and even luckier to be gifted a copy of "Becoming van Gogh" that went along with the show. The book is really gorgeous, designed by John Hubbard and edited by Timothy J. Standring and Louis van Tilborgh. Rumor is this sold out at the DAM which is no surprise considering the museum stayed open for 24 hours the last day to accommodate all the people that wanted to attend. Even with the extended hours all tickets sold out. A 2:00am museum viewing- how neat! I also love that people were scalping tickets to an art show.