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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Awesome Rendition

Just being nostalgic over the weekend watching Lawrence Welk and love this rendition by Joanne Castle. I wish I had that sequin top dress!

A Book of Unicorns

I was wandering around the Bookworm in Boulder, a very cool used bookstore, and enjoyed the random books that caught my eye including this gem. There was also a book of illustrations of imaginary birds. OK! I left those to entertain another and picked up Nineteen Eighty-four, not only for this bizarrely cool cover but I thought revisiting a classic would be fun this weekend.

A Match Made in Heaven

Two things I can't resist: cool packaging and dark peppermint chocolate. Supplies have been bought to see me through the winter.

In Memoriam The Gold Mine Beer Cave

Some shots of one of the most unique places I've been. Up Sunshine Canyon way, the old gold mine beer cave. Thanks for the summer memories. At least the flood didn't take those away. Long live the beer cave!

Hot and Sunny with a Chance of Blogging

Before I realized it, summer arrived. I've been quite busy since winter with all sorts of projects and though I haven't updated my blog or photos recently...I will be! I will elaborate more in July but in the meantime, here's a snapshot of what I've been up to: Visiting the Sunshine Mine and Beer Cellar (above), spotting foxes and Swainson's Hawks, went to the ballgame, working with Comma Workshop party planning, sipping Spirit Hound cocktails in lovely Lyons, visiting California, working on the garden, going crazy at the Dear Eleanor prop sale, hanging around Boulder, doodling in my idea notebook, going over all my ideas from the last four years, designing save the dates and wedding invitations, designing new business cards, playing Backgammon A LOT while watching the sun setting over the Flatirons. It's been hot, hot, hot and the long days mean more daylight to burn; summer fun and creativity here I come!

Parterre by Kim Dickey at the Denver Airport

I love this sculpture at the Denver Airport because #1 Kim Dickey is a very cool artist and #2 I dream of a real maze like this in our backyard.

Colorado State Train Museum

On a recent weekend I took a field trip to the Colorado State Railroad Museum in Golden (near the Coors plant). There were many interesting things to see including a variety of trains. One of my favorites was the mail sorting car. It was built by Standard Steel car and used from 1922 to 1967. A model of organization! There was also a display from the Denver HO club that included all sorts of randomness- kangaroos and deviled eggs. Another favorite was the antique map that includes my neighborhood- Marshall Station and the Gorham Post Office. It's quite the interesting history here, the road in front of my house was the railway for some time. There was a great selection of train literature and for any transportation buff, a must see!