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Hot and Sunny with a Chance of Blogging

Before I realized it, summer arrived. I've been quite busy since winter with all sorts of projects and though I haven't updated my blog or photos recently...I will be! I will elaborate more in July but in the meantime, here's a snapshot of what I've been up to: Visiting the Sunshine Mine and Beer Cellar (above), spotting foxes and Swainson's Hawks, went to the ballgame, working with Comma Workshop party planning, sipping Spirit Hound cocktails in lovely Lyons, visiting California, working on the garden, going crazy at the Dear Eleanor prop sale, hanging around Boulder, doodling in my idea notebook, going over all my ideas from the last four years, designing save the dates and wedding invitations, designing new business cards, playing Backgammon A LOT while watching the sun setting over the Flatirons. It's been hot, hot, hot and the long days mean more daylight to burn; summer fun and creativity here I come!