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Olympic Bronze Metal WOW

I cannot believe how lucky I am, I feel like an Olympian because I just got to HOLD BRONZE MEDAL FROM THE OLYMPICS!!! THIS CALLS FOR ALL CAPS!!! I just met Alex Deibold at the Southern Sun. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Amazing! SO cool. He is very sweet and so nice. It's pretty amazing to see something I saw on TV and to hold a medal! WOW! WOW! It was heavy. Congrats Alex! Just another Friday in Boulder. Wow. That felt like a once in a life time moment. So thankful to feel like I could in some small way share in someone's success that I had nothing to do with but got to be appreciative of and celebrate. Now I REALLY need to get my team USA sweater!

Seashells by the Seashore

Sequin Sarah sought out seashells along the Santa Barbara shore. My pirate's booty from the day's treasure hunt. I love the ocean. Took everything out once, then again. I would like to make some sort of chandelier with all of the shells and rocks that have holes in them. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Or as one of my friends says, dog day; day of gratitude. And thankful I am for the love, friendships and family in my life. This winter has my cabin fever reaching levels not seen in years. To that end I am tackling projects that have been on my someday/maybe list for years.
My mother was a fastidious recorder or our family history. I have inherited the records and am thus the custodian of boxes of photographs, documents, letters, even locks of hair! I found my mother's lock of hair from her first haircut neatly tied in a little white ribbon in an envelope dated 1943. The challenge has been that after she passed away, any time I opened the albums or thumbed through letters my sadness would not make the task very enjoyable.
For some reason yesterday though, I felt compelled to just pick out one of the boxes (smallest one!) in storage and start going through it. What I really wish to do is scan and photograph all of the family history to share with my siblings and extended family. Thanks to my iPad, photo editing and scanning apps, the formerly daunting task just got a little easier. I feel like I am meeting people for the first time through these pictures, I actually had never seen some of them until yesterday! I love looking at the fashions, cars, wallpaper, the Genesee beer, oh yes, when the family celebrated Genny was on the table. I took a little time trip yesterday.
Along the way I found these favorites for today, vintage wedding love! I *think* the black and white shot is of my Grandfather and new bride, Vincent Daly to Mary Sluty married in April of 1937. Such an elegant dress and in the background you can see the streamers on the car! LOVE. If you look closely at the bottom photo, a kid on the left is making a "gag" face while watching the bride and groom eat cake. Time move forwards, but some things don't change!