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Weekend Recap: Gourds and Givenchy

This weekend I was wooed by this Pumpkin-head purveyor of beer. Gorgeous Givenchy + Ghoulish Gourd=Giddyup!

Weekend Recap: Paging All Travelers in Paige

Jet setting in Paige electric blue pants. Just me and Captain Elrey Jeppesen at Denver Airport.

Fast Lane in Ferretti

Had to dash to Denver today for very important business. Livin' life in the fast lane looking fabulous in Ferretti with phenomenal Flatiron vistas. Colorado life!

Perfect in Pucci

Out for a promenade on this glorious fall day in this perfectly patterned Pucci. Thanks Vogue September Issue!

Big Buffalo in Boulder

Meetings on the CU-Boulder campus today, so why not hang out with this gal? Yes, the live Ralphie is always a lady. And to look the part of a college-aged student I'm going with this Sperry Topsider look. Red, white, blue, stripes...oh-so-preppy harkening back to my New England days!

Prancing off in LV

What a Monday! Been tap, tap, tapping away all day on this keyboard. Is that the 5 o'clock whistle I hear? Time to continue galavanting, this time in Louis Vuitton!

Weekend Roundup: Brunch in Chanel

Galavanted all over this weekend to pack in some summer fun. Kicked it off with Bermuda punch and Chanel.

Fine Friday in Altazurra

Sarah Hearts Altuzurra

TGIF! Everyone has been in awe of Altazurra this past week and why not with sex appeal like this? Feline Friday, meow!

Black, White and Red All Over

This Gucci-sparkle and shine. Those apples-more shine. Fall.

Does this Snarf's match my suit?

This sleek, sophisticated Haider Ackermann HBIC suit may not be the first choice to go with an oh-so-good Snarf's explosion of a delicious sandwich, but when your tummy craves Snarf's you cannot deny it.

Gucci Presto

Taking Law & Order seriously in this sleek Gucci. I don't often agree with Adam Schiff but tonight, a wise man said "Don't rant, what's a solution?!?!" and "When I'm down in the dumps I have a Scotch and put on Louis Armstrong." Latter answers the former.

Prada Don't Quit

All work and no play makes my Prada so sad. The life of a high-powered exec is always go-go-go!

Jack McCoy Making Eyes

Is it just me, or is Jackie Boy making eyes at me? Prosecutor, you are out of order!

Next Episode Up

Nothing like Escada in a court room.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Martinis!

Red hot Escada with plans for Tapas Tuesday when, what do you know, it's time to get bingier on Law & Order.

Lovely in Lanvin

Feeling Parisian and chic in my Lanvin. Pointy patent leather shoes, pattern, clutch, pain au chocolat and my new favorite: a feather cap. Oo la la I love my Vogue September Issue.

Shopping in Chanel

Just out stocking up on some essential party supplies. Coolest shopping basket! Thanks Vogue.

Gorgeous Giorgio

Checking out the view in my new Giorgio Armani suit. Hello Flatirons! I've got a fabulous new view of the Boulder to match my fabulous new suit.

Winter Whites in Summer

It's still technically summer and supposedly it's supposed to be 80 in Boulder this weekend but right now I'm rocking winter white in summer. Isabel Marant vest, top, pants, belt and boots and a fab Urstadt.Swan collar as hat. Via Vogue September Issue, Fashion Editor Tabitha Simmons.

Mistress Marni

Seeing as it has been raining all day with snow (?!?!?) on the way...it's game night! I just got this classy game, Captain's Mistress Strategy Game, oolala! Also known as four in a row and maybe Captain Cook played it. Still feeling academic as I strategize my next fashion win...

Hanging Out on Campus

Since I'm feeling so studious in my Marni ensemble, I decided to stroll around the University of Colorado Boulder campus today. Old Main is gorgeous! Checked out the museum while I was there too. So many stairs...

Marni for Me

It's another rainy day. My Marni outfit is perfect for a walk to the bookstore. A little peplum, a little patent leather...perfect.

Raining Wearing Ralph Lauren

Rain, rain go away. On second thought, that means I can wear this fabulous Ralph Lauren Collection outfit. Trying to take shelter under the tree...

Proenza + Pain au chocolate = Happy

Ready to jump into the afternoon now that I've had my chocolate on chocolate via a pain au chocolate the size of myself. Proenza Schouler makes everything look cooler.

Pattern on Proenza on Pattern on Proenza

On my morning coffee run! But there is always time to stop to smell the roses. Perfect Proenza Schouler adventure.

Feeling Parisian

Just strolling along on my way to get an espresso feeling oh-so-Parisian in my Saint Laurent. Fall is in the air, Vogue September Issue n'est pas quitter.

Hiking in Chanel

It's a sparkling day in Boulder so why not take a hike in sparkling Chanel? Glitter top? Check. Glitter Coat? Check. Sass with class!

Wooed by Wu

My Vogue fashion fantasy continues. Lovely morning stroll in Boulder in my fashion forward fall Jason Wu look. Perfect timing! Tomorrow we can all be wooed by Wu when his runway show is broadcast live. Love fashion week!

Bottega Veneta to the Rescue!

Yesterday's late night galavanting in Laurent hasn't translated in high productivity today. This Vogue September Issue look does the trick to put some pep in my step. Off to lunch in my oh-so-professional Bottega Veneta!

Sneaking Out in Saint Laurent

Sneaking out in my Saint Laurent! There's just so many outfits from my September Vogue, I can't stay in this month! Nothing gets in the way of a cape, sequin top, micro mini or sparkly boots! Just a regular Tuesday.

Afternoon Vogue Break

Working hard and feeling good thanks to my Vogue Dries Van Noten look. Phew, cranking out some good work deserves a little internet surfing, time to read the Vogue blog! All the pretty things make me smile.

Wearing to Work: Dries Van Noten

Thanks to my Vogue September Issue I'm frolicking through the fall flowers in my super cozy and chic Dries Van Noten outfit. Every work day is fun when I wear something fabulous.

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Fantasy

The perfect accessory to my magical Dolce & Gabbana sequin armor: a unicorn! I'm riding this Vogue September issue fashion fantasy into the first September evening.

Sunset Stroll in Dolce & Gabbana

Just out for a Vogue September Issue sunset stroll. Unicorn spotting! This sequin Dolce & Gabbana armor will keep things enchanting.

Apple Picking in Oscar de la Renta

My Vogue September Issue adventure continues. What girl doesn't go apple picking in Oscar?!?! Just swinging through the trees. Good thing my hubby Will taught me a monkey fist knot. Comes in handy for Couture apple picking. Fashion dreams!

In the Pages

After daydreaming I decided to be in the pages of Vogue, or rather bring the pages of Vogue to my life. Late summer, playing board games. Versace fierce. Any time is a good time to dress up.