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Never Break the Chain

Back to blogging because it’s been awhile…a whole year in fact! I always finding myself opting for the visual eye candy Instagram and Pinterest have to offer. But this year I have a goal of sharing projects I’ve worked on in more detail at least once a month. I can hardly believe we’re already through January. I’ve been busy printing Valentine’s Day cards for Lady Hanover Press and doing Graphic Design work for some great folks including my friend Jennifer at Dot & Army.

I love being a graphic designer because there are so many different avenues to be creative.This month I’m sharing this window display I designed for Dot & Army. It’s a perfect explosion of paper perfection! Jennifer has hired me to merchandise her store and help give it an eye-catching style that compliments her high-quality work as well as the goods she showcases in her store. Each month Jennifer and I have worked together to imagine fanciful window displays that have really dressed up the storefront and caught the attention of people passing by.

This month I went with paper because it’s my favorite and I had a vision of paper melting from the walls…the more paper the better! When I started thinking about scale and visual impact I thought of how fun paper chains look and how I could easily make hundreds. Remember arts and crafts growing up? I love the repetitive meditativeness of making the chains. I namastayed home for several days making these. I went ahead and made thousands…yes, thousands. It is shocking how quickly you can use these up…I feel like I could double the amount I’ve already got hanging up for an even wilder display! Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Jennifer is obsessed with cloth napkins, gathering friends and family together and having a great time. Whether it is for everyday use, special occasions, or a themed dinner, her cloth napkins add a pop of color and warmth to every shared meal. If you are local — check out her store asap, if you’re not local you can shop Jennifer’s store here. All this took was paper, 8.5x11 sheets cut into 1-inch strips, and staples. It did also take a lot of time, to be honest I lost track. It took longer than binge watching the following series: Godless and The Halcyon.

Gather around this coming Friday for First Friday in Downtown Brunswick. Stop by Dot & Army to partake in all of this paper and pick up some dandy Valentine's Day gifts. I will be wheeling around town with my mobile card card — find my in Jekyll Square East! Follow my adventures here.

Ashantilly Press Organizing

The first week of the year has been lovely. I've jumped into new Valentine's Day Lady Hanover Press projects and I also spent a day helping to organize the Ashantilly Press printshop. There are new (old) type cabinets to fill and lots of type to clean and sort. This week I completed one drawer of New Caslon 24pt. It took about 6 hours, 3 pairs of gloves, 2 croissants and 1 very large hot chocolate. Very excited that there is a new option available for use now. I haven't put the drawer away yet either, I want to see it looking fancy the next time I walk into the print shop!

Moxie Craft Fest Coming Soon!

 Moxie Fest offers entrepreneurs place to shine

I am so thankful and excited to be a part of this upcoming event in Brunswick. Many thanks to everyone who making this happen.

From The News:
"Sarah Pittenger has always loved the idea of using something old to create something new.

In fact, that’s how she started her business, Lady Hanover Press.

A graphic designer by profession, Pittenger discovered an old letterpress machine and began to craft her own cards with a refurbished printing machine.

“This letterpress machine is a new tool for me. Rather than create designs on the computer, I’m creating everything using refurbished or used parts,” she said.

“I have always had a love for paper ephemera and stationary design. I’ve done high-end custom wedding invitations continuously over the last decade and now I’m expanding what I can create.”

Of course, getting word out about what she does and marketing her merchandise is always a bit of a challenge. And in order to spread the word about her products, Pittenger is often on the lookout for craft-centric events in order to market her wares.

One of those events was the Brunswick-based Moxie Craft Festival, the brain child of local embroidery artist, Jenny Van’t Land. The event, housed at Old City Hall, offers space for dozens of artisans to showcase their merchandise ahead of the holiday season. It’s a rare opportunity for area crafters and one Pittenger wanted to take part in.

“I heard about the Moxie Craft Fest from a poster and by attending the last event, which was so eclectic and interesting. There was visual eye candy everywhere. I was inspired by all the vendors and I really wanted to be a part of what Jenny Van’t Land has created. Luckily, I was chosen to participate for this next holiday market,” she said.

The event, scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 12, will feature more than 30 vendors.

And with a little more than a week away, Pittenger is assembling her inventory.

But even though she’s busy, she is equally excited to be a part of the group. “The Moxie Craft Fest is so helpful because it has drawn together a talented group of artists for a great networking opportunity. I think it’s a fantastic event for Brunswick to get people downtown and supporting small businesses. It’s made me feel like a part of the art community here. One reason I felt so comfortable moving across country were the people here who have been so welcoming and kind since day one,” she said. 

For her part, Jenny Van’t Land was only too happy to extend Pittenger an invitation. She is also relatively new to the area and understands the importance of making connections — both business and social. In fact, that’s how the Moxie Craft Fest began

“I got connected with a girl named Sarah Alread who is a graphic designer, and we decided to go for it . That’s how Moxie Craft Fest was born. Unfortunately Sarah can’t be a part of it anymore due to her out of town work schedule, but I decided to forage ahead on my own, and this upcoming market will be our third event,” Land said.

While she loves seeing all of the hip artists and crafts people come together to sell their items, the event extends beyond just that. She says it is also a unique chance for like-minded, creatives to meet and connect.

“It’s a great way for not only the artists to network and connect, but also for our local patrons to meet and see what kinds of awesome things are being made right here in the Golden Isles,” Land said. 

“And we all know that supporting local businesses is good for everyone.”